Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yea! It's nice to have a blog. We here at the Moulton residence are doing well. Trent is on his last (hopefully) week of FTO (field training). Then he'll be a full-fledged police officer for Bountiful City, out all by himself.

Trent got his car last week on Monday, and on Tuesday morning I had an appointment in Salt Lake. We needed to be leaving at 8:30, so as I was putting the kids in the car, he went to move his police cruiser down the driveway so we could get the family car out. He turned the key only to find that the car wouldn't start. Thankfully his mom was still home, so we pulled her car up the driveway and jumped Trent's car. After his car successfully started, he got in his mom's car to back it back down, and asked me if I would back his car down. When I tried to open the door it was locked. The keys were still in the ignition. Oy. So he had to call dispatch to get North Salt Lake to come jimmy his car open. It took them 45 minutes to get his door open. My appointment was at nine, needless to say I missed it by more than an hour.

The moral of the story?
Missed appointment - $65.00
Gas and other accessories - $15.00
Trent's embarrassment - Priceless

Tee hee. Apparently a lot of officers have this happen to them. Crown Victoria's doors lock automatically. But most cops have a spare key.

I'll post again soon. I should have Halloween pictures shortly. My kids will be so cute...

Love you all,

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Heidi Lindsay said...

HA ha ha ha ha!!! Love it!