Sunday, December 30, 2007

How is Angela?

Hi everyone! Just to let everyone know (and so Elisa doesn't have to wonder anymore), Angela is fine! I feel just fine, I just can't get out of bed or off the couch, Dr's orders. So, here's the story so everyone can know:

I went to my regular monthly appointment two weeks ago and just mentioned to the Dr. that I thought it was weird that I've had some contractions lately and instead of being random Braxton Hicks they were consistently 15 minutes apart. They would come every few days and last a few hours until I sat long enough to have them go away. The Dr. decided to do a fetal Fibronectin test and told me to take it easy until I heard back. Later that afternoon (as we were getting ready to host a Christmas party at our house) I got a call from the Dr. She said "Well, the test came back positive, so you are at risk for preterm labor and you need to go on strict bedrest. Only get out of bed to go to the bathroom and just be a slug. If you have 3 or more contractions in an hour take this medication and if you have 6 contractions in an hour head straight to labor and delivery."

Well, strict bedrest with two toddler boys running around is interesting to say the least, but so far we've been lucky. My little sister was home from college for the week before Christmas so she came over every day and helped out and then Michael has had this whole week off for Christmas and Michael's parents are here this weekend and are staying tomorrow while Michael is at work.... so, we'll see what happens after that.

I may be asking for help from the family down the road as I'm looking at another 10 weeks of bedrest before this baby is due. It'll be interesting to schedule out childcare for my kids and I feel terrible watching Michael take on all the housework and taking care of the kids and working full time when I feel perfectly fine but just can't do anything.

But, the good news is the baby is perfectly healthy and strong and is growing bigger every day. So, thanks Elisa and the rest of the family for your concern and prayers-- we really really appreciate it!!
Love you all,
Does anyone know how Angela is doing?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Julie Has Arrived!!!

Hi All!

Heidi here pretending to be Julie. We just got her a google account and now she can post!!! yea! Everyone should welcome her. Hopefully I can get more people to get on here so we're more interesting than just once in a blue moon posts. Love you all!

Julie (but really Heidi)

p.s. we just went to see "Enchanted" it was ... funny, very cute, gay, enchanting.... My dad is the one who said it was gay.
pps. The picture is of Brooklyn, who has just turned 1 year old. We WANTED Julie's Cuckoo birds but I could not find the picture on my mom's machine. Sorry. She'll have to do that from home.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Okay, I know it's almost Christmas, but here's a picture of our Halloween kids, as promised! (sideways, because even though I tried to fix that, it still posted them sideways.)

Well, the stocking project is successfully half done and will be all done next week, so I'm about ready to start thinking about our own Christmas. But first, Cade's birthday is tomorrow, so I better make him a cake. Michael's idea is to make an elephant cake, so we'll see how that turns out. It probably won't be the same caliber as the last cake I did (love you Jenna!)

but hopefully Cadence will like it. He has his heart set on Lightening McQueen, but I made him a car cake last year and want this year to be different. We're having a casual B-day celebration for him tomorrow and Sunday (just how things worked out, the lucky kid gets 2 parties!) evening, so if anyone wants to stop by, you're welcome to!

My kids are jumping around upstairs so I better go see what's up. Love you all.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hi everyone,

The newlyweds are still doing great and enjoying the coming Christmas season. In recent news, Justin is directing a mainstage play at Utah State University which is playing this week. It has been a little stressful to juggle schedules and see each other especially with the semester coming to a close, but it has been a good experience. We have our first christmas tree this year! Last week it was taken from the wilds of Sublett to reside in our logan apartment. With borrowed ornaments and some handcrafted painted ones, it has become a cute little addition to our living room. We spent Thanksgiving in St. George where Justin and the boys went to Las Vegas for the day while the girls got pedicures and went shopping. It was a very enjoyable weekend. My job at the treatment center has been good, but I still sometimes feel like I'm not doing everything I could be. The girls are crazy as usual. The other day, I walked into the house and one of the girls who drives me crazy to no end ( a 4 yr trapped in a 13 yr old body... taking that back 4 yr olds are more reasonable) had just come back from a visit with her mom. She came up to me with absolute pure joy on her face and telling me she had something to show me. I was of course excited for her and curious what she had: pictures, new clothes, or a new book; but was soon confronted with something that left me speechless. She bounded up to me with what looked like a pencil box in her hands. She opened it, revealing two plastic baggies with what looked like pencil shavings in them. I was confused until she gleefully said, " This one's Whiskers and this one's Patches!" As I looked down at her cremated cats residing in baggies in a pencil box, I vainly struggled for words. I wanted to share in her apparent joy and tell her that wow thats awesome! but i just couldnt do it. Instead, the silence was filled with an Oh! and a lot of hmmms and finally Thats really something! Luckily she was too excited to be reunited with her furry friends she didnt even notice. My favorite line though was when she was showing me more closely the baggies she said"Look these are bone fragments!" again.. having never been thrown into such a situation... was speechless.
Those crazy kids....

Anyway I am excited for this blog... and that my younger self merited a post. What a great way for us all to keep in touch! Well until next time!! And since the holidays are sneaking up so quickly, We'll wish you an early Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!
Love, The Potters

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Hi Everyone,
It has been a while since I posted. I think we need to work on getting the older folk up to speed on this blogging thing. I don't know if they have even looked at it yet.

Well I have found a place up in Logan again so I will be moving in January. Yea! I am excited to be closer to school. It makes it a lot easier to get stuff done I think.

I hope you're all doing well.

Love ya!


Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

All right, so I'm on the wrong computer to post pictures of my little baseball players, but one day soon I will be on the regular computer and then you will all love to see them!
So, here's our life update: The deck is done! Next summer when it's warm again we'll have to have a BBQ so everyone can admire it- Michael sure did a great job, especially for never having undertaken such a big project like that before.
Cadence and Brennan are very excited for Thanksgiving- they can hardly wait to see Grandma and Grandpa Rigby (although Cade's motive is questionable because every time he says they're coming he also says "Grandma will bring me back my sunglasses and I will tell her thank you." The sunglasses have been missing at grandma's house for 3 months now.) We can't believe that Cade will be 3 years old in December. Life sure goes fast! And Brennan is 18 months now and picking up vocabulary like crazy. His latest words are "windy, peekboo, car, beepbeepbeep" My latest project is organizing a RS Christmas activity to make 200 stockings for the homeless shelter. So, if anyone has a box of random crafty supplies (i.e. ribbon, glitter, jingle bells, etc) that you're dying to get rid of let me know... it's for a good cause. :)
Until next time! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


My mom found this interesting photo of Jenna getting herself spiritually prepared for church. Thought we'd share. :D


Heidi and Vickie

Thursday, November 8, 2007

All Right, all you looking here

OK. Get your families on this site! I'm checking it every day and no one new is posting. Let's get this site going!


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bachelor of Fine Arts Program

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share my good news... after 3 years of stressing about it, I have passed the BFA review. This is Utah State's artist critique where all of my graphic design teachers get together, I bring in all my past artwork, they send me out into the hall and look at it and talk it over among themselves and then tell me if I am in the art program.

I tell you... those were tense moments out there in the hall! But they said that I could be in the program! YEA!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Hello Everyone! We had a great Halloween Night. I'm glad to see you guys on here. Here are a few pictures from our evening out. My boys (big and small) were the three Muskateers and we girls were black cats.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Great idea guys- I love being able to keep up with family news!! Congratulations Trent on your new job! Hopefully the rest of your police career will be better than the first day :)

We are doing great here in W. Jordan, enjoying our two boys and very excited for baby girl to come in March. We try to keep ourselves busy.... the deck is almost done (as in it should be 100% done if the weather cooperates tomorrow), the roof is getting winterized, the garden is torn out and bulbs planted. The kids are so excited for trick-or-treating tonight-- they are baseball players this year: Cadester and the Brennanator. I'll post a pic when I have one.

Well, that's the news from this branch of the family.
Love you all,
Angela (Michael)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yea! It's nice to have a blog. We here at the Moulton residence are doing well. Trent is on his last (hopefully) week of FTO (field training). Then he'll be a full-fledged police officer for Bountiful City, out all by himself.

Trent got his car last week on Monday, and on Tuesday morning I had an appointment in Salt Lake. We needed to be leaving at 8:30, so as I was putting the kids in the car, he went to move his police cruiser down the driveway so we could get the family car out. He turned the key only to find that the car wouldn't start. Thankfully his mom was still home, so we pulled her car up the driveway and jumped Trent's car. After his car successfully started, he got in his mom's car to back it back down, and asked me if I would back his car down. When I tried to open the door it was locked. The keys were still in the ignition. Oy. So he had to call dispatch to get North Salt Lake to come jimmy his car open. It took them 45 minutes to get his door open. My appointment was at nine, needless to say I missed it by more than an hour.

The moral of the story?
Missed appointment - $65.00
Gas and other accessories - $15.00
Trent's embarrassment - Priceless

Tee hee. Apparently a lot of officers have this happen to them. Crown Victoria's doors lock automatically. But most cops have a spare key.

I'll post again soon. I should have Halloween pictures shortly. My kids will be so cute...

Love you all,
Hey guys!

I'm so glad we're doing this. I hope everyone gets on here and starts posting. Please ask all your family to talk to Heidi about getting an invite to the blog. Once she has your email address, she'll invite you to the blog and then we can party!

See you soon....

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Fun

Here are a few pictures from the Halloween get-together at Katie's place. I must say... The Andersons sure do know how to throw a great party! Thanks guys! It was great fun!


Friday, October 26, 2007


Hello to all my great family!

As was discussed at our last family reuinion, the Fredrick J. Rigby family blog has finally been set up and is ready for everyone to post on! My uncle on the Lindsay side set one of these up for the Lindsay family and it has been a FABULOUS way to keep in touch and get re-aquainted with each other.

There are some of you that I have not seen in over 10 years! I want to know how you are doing these days. So please feel free to have fun and post photos, funny stories, sad stories, romantic stories... whatever.

Welcome to OUR blog!!