Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hi everyone,

The newlyweds are still doing great and enjoying the coming Christmas season. In recent news, Justin is directing a mainstage play at Utah State University which is playing this week. It has been a little stressful to juggle schedules and see each other especially with the semester coming to a close, but it has been a good experience. We have our first christmas tree this year! Last week it was taken from the wilds of Sublett to reside in our logan apartment. With borrowed ornaments and some handcrafted painted ones, it has become a cute little addition to our living room. We spent Thanksgiving in St. George where Justin and the boys went to Las Vegas for the day while the girls got pedicures and went shopping. It was a very enjoyable weekend. My job at the treatment center has been good, but I still sometimes feel like I'm not doing everything I could be. The girls are crazy as usual. The other day, I walked into the house and one of the girls who drives me crazy to no end ( a 4 yr trapped in a 13 yr old body... taking that back 4 yr olds are more reasonable) had just come back from a visit with her mom. She came up to me with absolute pure joy on her face and telling me she had something to show me. I was of course excited for her and curious what she had: pictures, new clothes, or a new book; but was soon confronted with something that left me speechless. She bounded up to me with what looked like a pencil box in her hands. She opened it, revealing two plastic baggies with what looked like pencil shavings in them. I was confused until she gleefully said, " This one's Whiskers and this one's Patches!" As I looked down at her cremated cats residing in baggies in a pencil box, I vainly struggled for words. I wanted to share in her apparent joy and tell her that wow thats awesome! but i just couldnt do it. Instead, the silence was filled with an Oh! and a lot of hmmms and finally Thats really something! Luckily she was too excited to be reunited with her furry friends she didnt even notice. My favorite line though was when she was showing me more closely the baggies she said"Look these are bone fragments!" again.. having never been thrown into such a situation... was speechless.
Those crazy kids....

Anyway I am excited for this blog... and that my younger self merited a post. What a great way for us all to keep in touch! Well until next time!! And since the holidays are sneaking up so quickly, We'll wish you an early Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!
Love, The Potters

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Michaelangelo said...

Jenna those girls have serious problems if they think carrying around cremated cats is okay. Seriously! I would still be speechless! Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving- do you know what your plans are for Christmas?
Break a leg with the show!! Wish we could come and see it!