Sunday, December 30, 2007

How is Angela?

Hi everyone! Just to let everyone know (and so Elisa doesn't have to wonder anymore), Angela is fine! I feel just fine, I just can't get out of bed or off the couch, Dr's orders. So, here's the story so everyone can know:

I went to my regular monthly appointment two weeks ago and just mentioned to the Dr. that I thought it was weird that I've had some contractions lately and instead of being random Braxton Hicks they were consistently 15 minutes apart. They would come every few days and last a few hours until I sat long enough to have them go away. The Dr. decided to do a fetal Fibronectin test and told me to take it easy until I heard back. Later that afternoon (as we were getting ready to host a Christmas party at our house) I got a call from the Dr. She said "Well, the test came back positive, so you are at risk for preterm labor and you need to go on strict bedrest. Only get out of bed to go to the bathroom and just be a slug. If you have 3 or more contractions in an hour take this medication and if you have 6 contractions in an hour head straight to labor and delivery."

Well, strict bedrest with two toddler boys running around is interesting to say the least, but so far we've been lucky. My little sister was home from college for the week before Christmas so she came over every day and helped out and then Michael has had this whole week off for Christmas and Michael's parents are here this weekend and are staying tomorrow while Michael is at work.... so, we'll see what happens after that.

I may be asking for help from the family down the road as I'm looking at another 10 weeks of bedrest before this baby is due. It'll be interesting to schedule out childcare for my kids and I feel terrible watching Michael take on all the housework and taking care of the kids and working full time when I feel perfectly fine but just can't do anything.

But, the good news is the baby is perfectly healthy and strong and is growing bigger every day. So, thanks Elisa and the rest of the family for your concern and prayers-- we really really appreciate it!!
Love you all,

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Allie Thornbrue said...

Your cakes are cute. I haven't done a cake in over a year. Too bad they are such a messy, time-consuming hobby!