Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I know this is a bit of a shock.....

Now don't fall off the computer chair that you are sitting on or think that you need to visit an optometrist.... because yes, this is really Katie and yes I am really posting a blog. Hopefully, this works because it is my first. I feel like I should write that in a journal or something. February 19th- my first day of blogging! Anyways, it was good to read the posts and I apologize for my delay in contributing. (Please forgive me though as I dont even have the Internet!)

Well on to the news about Brock and I. Brock has been contributing to our news more than I. We are still planning on him going back to school for a Masters in August and we are just starting to hear back from the Landscape Architecture programs. We are accepted to Texas and Oklahoma so if not anywhere else that is where we will be but I will admit that those were not my first choices. It is very competitive to get into and only Utah State has the program here in Utah. So we applied to many schools besides the ones already named including Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and me personal favorite-Florida!! Right now I could really go for some beaches. We will see though- it is going to be a really tough decision and I am really sad to leave my job and move although it does seem like an adventure too. Brock also just started a second job today just until August at a music shop down the street. They told him that he was way over-qualified!!

As for me, I am always at the hospital with those babies and I can honestly tell you that RSV is my nemesis! I am currently acting as a preceptor for a BYU nursing student that is in her final semester and am enjoying that aspect of teaching. I think that is it for us! Sorry this was kinda long but I guess thats what happens when you dont post!! Love you all and I will try to do better!! Love, Katie

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Heidi Lindsay said...

YEA!!! Congratulations on your first blog! I am excited for you. I am sad that you'll be leaving Utah, but again, a very good adventure for sure. We need to hang out again. Miss you!