Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Off to see the Wizard!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited! I am off to New York City in about 2 hours!!!! Woo! I am going with the art department at school. I have been so excited that I couldn't sleep most of the night and I am sure I am going to regret that real soon here!!! I'll post some pictures here real soon!

Angela and Mike, I am so happy for you that you had your darling little baby!!! I promise I have not forgotten about your logos!!! I am probably the worst cousin in the world! I am trying to get better! I have a bunch of sketches but nothing polished yet. If you wish to beat me over the head, come to logan next week and we can arrange that!! ;) That way I can also meet the new baby! lol. Just kidding!!!

Anyways, So here's my very sad story about this weekend; I must sincerely apologize to Jenna for not calling until provoked by a text message laced with frosted guilt. ;) I really did want to join you and Justin at your party in Lindon. Maytag (the boy I am sorta dating) took me to this really great restraunt in Provo... It was an expensive place with the most delicious meats ever! I took about 5 bites of my dinner when suddenly my throat closed up!! I have never been alergic to anything, it's crazy. So I went to the ladies room to see if I could gracefully get over it.

Not so.

OOOOOHHHHHH so embarrasing! I was in there throwing up for nearly 45 minutes!! My date had to send someone in to check on me! I felt SO bad! I am so mad! That food was delicious! We finally decided that it was the mixture of the lemonade and the rich milky drink that did it to me and he said he would be very hesitant to take me to eat there again! SAD huh!

Oh well, At least my date was sorta understanding about the whole thing.

Jenna, I hope you can forgive me! Was the party any fun? Maytag said he loves sushi, so I felt real bad about our missing it.

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Michaelangelo said...

Heidi- hope you have a fabulous spring break! I loved New York when I went.
Sorry about your date- that sounds miserable! But at least your date was understanding. Is Maytag his real name?
We'd love to see what you have for us whenever you get the chance.
Talk to you later,