Thursday, March 6, 2008


Hello all!! Well I am keeping with my resolution to continue blogging so here are the latest updates. Brock has heard from a number of schools about being in their landscape architecture program. We are accepted into Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Arizona. Unfortunately, we will not even be able to consider Florida (sadness) because they start in May and we are both committed to our jobs through summer. We are still waiting to hear from Utah State so basically we are still in limbo.

In other news, we are planning a trip to NYC to visit Brocks brother and family in May so I am way excited about that and am enjoying that planning. The planning that I should be starting is for Girls Camp since I am the director this year again but I am still procrastinating that one.

That is about it except for the exciting news of Michael and Angela's baby (who is seriously adorable might I add)!! I was so excited to see her and have my first niece!! I just love those babies!

Andrea, about your question regarding pediatricians at Primary's. I havent had any interaction with Dr Winters so I would not be able to offer any info on that subject. We dont see the neurologists too often. The other problem that I have on offering advice about pediatricians is that the most interaction I have with the doctors is the interns and residents who are training and the physicians who are hospitalists, meaning they only have the patients at the hospital. Once in awhile I see a community physician but I dont know that I know enough about them to recommend them or not. So basically, I am afraid I am not that helpful. Sorry about that! I could probably find out some basic information from the hospital on Dr Winters if you would like but you probably would have access to about the same info. Let me know if I can help any other way though!!

Well I hope to hear from you all soon and hope you are all healthy and happy!! Katie

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